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About Easy Dental

Easy Dental are a leading Australian dental group that specialises in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The Easy Dental team provide a welcoming, friendly and open environment for patients. Our team of qualified and certified dental professionals have many years of experience and the Easy Dental dentists and supporting staff are fully equipped to get your teeth and smile looking like it should, amazing.

Our clinics utilise state of the art dental equipment and our staff are constantly learning from the newest techniques and technology so that our patients get the best possible dental care available.

Get in touch with an Easy Dental clinic near you to speak with a specialist about your dental needs today. You can find Easy Dental clinics in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Our Services

General Dentistry 

The Easy Dental team are here to treat your everyday dental needs across Australia. Speak to us today to schedule a checkup today.

Dental Implants

Easy Dental are specialists in implant dentistry. From single tooth implants to full mouth all-on-4 implants, our team of specialists offer a free consultation that will give you everything you need to make an informed decision. Get price quotes, a free consultation and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Emergency Dentist

Easy Dental dentists are available nationwide for your emergency dental needs. Contact a clinic near you for after hours treatment, emergency tooth extractions, broken teeth and more. 

Maintaining a Healthy Smile

We want our patients to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, great looking smile. Everything we do at Easy Dental is aligned towards giving you the treatment, advice and aftercare that you need to keep your smile looking like a million dollars.

It’s not always easy to maintain your teeth, and you may have had some dental issues in the past, so we offer a range of restorative and cosmetic dental services to help return your teeth and smile to their full health. At times patients may require more advanced solutions, like dental implants, to attain the perfect smile. Luckily for you Easy Dental are experienced professionals in all of these fields, so a visit to one of our clinics really does leave you in great hands.

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