Dental Implants in Adelaide – Make an informed choice today

Dental implants replace the original tooth at the root where teeth are missing. The implants act as a replacement for the tooth’s natural roots. Easy Dental will guide you through all you need to know about dental implants in Adelaide

Dental implants are often inserted following a tooth extraction and they serve to preserve and strengthen the bone where they’re placed. The implant and the bone form a strong bond that stands the test of time and this process, called osseointegration, is one of the key benefits of the implant process. The stable base of fused bone is an ideal foundation for artificial teeth to be mounted to.

single tooth dental implant

The look and feel of dental implants is as close to that of natural teeth that can be achieved. In addition to looking exactly like natural teeth, implants are perfectly stable for biting and chewing, meaning people who have lost a tooth can enjoy the confidence and convenience that dental implants provide.

Deciding on whether to get dental implants is an important decision for people to consider, and although the initial costs may be higher than alternative treatments, the long term benefits are significantly greater.

Choose experienced Adelaide dental implant professionals

Dental implants is a technical area of restorative dentistry that requires a lot of expertise and experience. This is not something that can be replaced by low cost pricing or gimmicks. The dentists at Easy Dental are qualified experts in the field of implant dentistry and you should feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

Tooth implants need to be inserted into the jawbone with precision and the procedure leaves no margin for error. Experience, knowledge, the best equipment and support staff are critical to a smooth process.

Easy Dental dentists are experts in their field that have trained in leading universities before establishing successful careers in Australian dentistry. Although implant dentistry is relatively new to the Australian dental landscape, our dentists have been involved from the inception while constantly being involved in training and upskilling to keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques.

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What do dental implants cost in Adelaide?

The price of dental implants across Australia can vary between dental clinics and cities. Before proceeding with any offer it’s important to consider all the elements of the procedure, including the cost.

Easy Dental offers a free one on one consultation with a dentist that specialises in implant dentistry. Following your free consultation, you will be more informed on the procedure, potential costs, alternatives and much more.

If you want to proceed, you will undergo a one hour diagnostic consultation involving scans to prepare for the procedure.

Implant Cost Comparisons: Single, Multiple Tooth, All-on-4

The following table is a guide to simple vs more complicated implant procedures

Simple single dental implant $4000 – $6500
Complex single dental implant $5000 – $7000
“All-on-4” procedure $18000 – $28000
Single Dental Implant + Crown in Australia Root Canal + Crown in Australia
$4000 – $6500 $1500 – $3000

N.B. The major factors affecting the price of a tooth implant procedure in Australia are the need for a bone graft or sinus lift or temporary bridge. If you require either of these procedures you can expect a significant increase in associated costs.

  • Bone grafting
  • Temporary bridge
  • Sinus Lift

Due to the wide range of treatment options, the cost of implants can vary greatly between patients. Pre-existing conditions and damage to bone or tooth will influence the cost. The type and quantity of implants will also impact on the final price.

bone graft for dental implant

That’s why it’s recommended to take advantage of Easy Dental’s free consultation to get an assessment of your situation before making assumptions on costs or procedures.

Single Dental Implant + Crown in Thailand Root Canal + Crown in Thailand
$1800 – $2500 $500 – $800

Dental implants in Australia are of a very high standard and quality of work. Dental tourism in places like Thailand is still popular for expensive treatments, however the cost of the procedure in Australia is not significantly higher that in Thailand now, meaning you really should place your effort on choosing the right dentist and not the cheapest dentist.

Does your private medical insurance cover dental implant costs in Adelaide?

Some Australian health insurance providers are beginning to offer rebates on dental implants, but at present they only cover small partial sums so it won’t provide a great deal of financial relief for the process. This simply boils down to the high cost of implants and health insurers unwillingness to cover high-cost procedures.

Australian dental insurers

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 implants are a revolutionary way to get your full smile back in the quickest way possible. Sometimes they’re called ‘smile in a day’ or ‘same day teeth’ due to the ability to be fitted with a full set of tooth implants in one day. All-on-4 requires fewer implants in the jaw than traditional implant alternatives. Using a bridge implant, which requires an implant at either end of the bridge, can require 8 to 10 implants per jaw for a full set of replacement teeth.

all on 4 dental implant

While the process of all-on-4 seems simple on the surface, there are some serious considerations prospective patients need to consider.

multiple tooth implant

The benefits of all-on-4 implants:

  • Relatively lower cost of the procedure compared to traditional implant techniques where multiple implants are required.
  • All-on-4 can be fitted in a day with local anesthetic and no need for any temporary dentures
  • Amazing natural look and feel of implants that are matched to the original teeth or styled to create a new look.
  • The implants are fixed in place meaning there’s no removal for cleaning, and with good dental care the implants can last for a long period of time (10 years or more).
  • You can eat whatever you want with implants, as opposed to dentures where is advised to avoid hard and chewy foods

Disadvantages of all-on-4 implants:

  • Teeth that have been placed on the same day require time to recover meaning testing the bite, comfort and appearance is not possible in the same visit
  • Patients are required to have a strong level of bone to hold the implants in place in the jaw

Adelaide Dental Implant Questions & Answers

Q: Can any dentist handle dental implant procedures?

A: Dental implants require the expertise and knowledge of a trained professional dentist that has the proper education, experience and skills in implant dentistry. Patients can reduce the chance of future complications by making the right choice when choosing a dentist.

Q: Will I need a bone graft?

A: You may be surprised to learn that if you require a bone graft, that there are alternative techniques now available using synthetic materials that avoid the need to graft bone altogether. These materials are matched on a per patient basis and the synthetic materials are replaced by your body’s own bone, meaning the eventually disappear over time.

Q: How much time is required to replace a tooth with a dental implant?

Following an initial consultation with you dentist you will have a treatment plan that outlines the estimate time to complete the implant. Your health, dental history and bone strength around your jaw are all factors that impact treatment. The required time could vary from upwards of a few months depending.

Q: Do implants hurt?

A: The procedure itself is seamless and with local anesthetic, generally patients are able to return to their normal lives the following day. Minor discomfort can be expected along with some bruising, but the effects are all short term.

Q: Are dental implants safe for you?

A: Dental implants are a safe and the procedure has been employed for decades. This doesn’t mean they’re free of complications, just like any dental or medical procedure, it’s important that you put yourself in the hands of an experienced implant dentist to avoid the chance of complications. Not smoking and a clean medical and dental history go a long way to reducing the chance of any complications from the procedure.

Q: How should I take care of my implants?

A: Caring for your implants gives them the opportunity to last for a very long time. Like regular teeth, brushing, flossing and cleanings from your dentist will give them the best chance to last for years to come.

Q: What happens if the implant fails?

A: All medical and dental procedures have the chance of complications occurring, dental implants are no different. The bone needs to grow around the implant in order to fuse it in a process known as osseointegration. This process provides a solid foundation upon which a crown is placed. Should your bone fail to grow onto the implant you have two options: accept a full refund or try to replace the implant again free of charge.

Success rates are extremely high in the first instance, so in the event of an implant failing, most people opt to try again. Second failures are extremely rare.

Q: Is it easier if I extract the tooth before hand?

A: No, it is not prefered that you extract the tooth prior. It’s helpful for our dentists to see your tooth where possible to evaluate your treatment and assess the area. If you are in pain and need to have your tooth extracted by another dentist, then that’s completely understandable. Just let them know that you’d like them to do so with consideration for implant protocols.

Q: Am I a good candidate for implants?

A: If you’re missing one tooth, multipe teeth, or all of your teeth then you’re a suitable candidate for implants. You should consult a specialist about your specific situation to find the right solution for you.

Q: How will my dental implants last?

A: The great thing about dental implants is that they’re not vulnerable to things like decay or other dental diseases. Your gums are what’s really important in determining the longevity of your implants. Checkups and cleans will help to sustain the life of your implant, but health, medical history and smoking are other factors that determine the success longer term.

Q: Are dentures similar to implants?

A: Implants are secured to the jaw with screws that anchor the artificial crowns that are placed on top. Dentures are removable, this is critical difference between the two solutions, so they are not similar except for the fact that they’re both artificial sets or partial sets of teeth.