Dental Crowns

Definition of Dental Crown 

A dental crown is a cap that resembles a part of a tooth. It is placed on your tooth to restore its size, shape, appearance, or strength. The dental crown is very useful in encasing the part of the tooth that is visible, which is the part above the gum line.

dental crowns

You may need a dental crown when you fracture your tooth or when it has been severely worn down. The crown is also used to protect or hold the tooth together, especially when the tooth is weak. If you have a dental bridge, the crown is put in place to hold the dental bridge. The crown is also a covering for a dental implant or a discoloured or misshapen teeth. It also supports or cover a tooth with a large filling.

Tooth Crown Material

You may wonder what material a dental crown is made of. A dental crown is available in different materials.

  • A metal crown has a certain alloy such as gold alloy. When you choose to have a metal crown, a dentist will only remove a small part of the tooth structure when putting the crown in place. A tooth with a metal crown will not wear easily. A metal crown is the toughest of all crown materials, so it lasts very long and rarely break and chip. The tooth with a metal crown usually continues to bite and chew well for a long time without damaging the crown. However, a metal crown is noticeable because its color doesn’t match the color of your teeth, so you can choose to have a metal crown on a molar.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal. The advantage to porcelain fused to metal is its color. It can look like your other teeth. The material is not the strongest among the choices. It either chips or breaks off easily compared with other types of crowns. Also, this crown causes the tooth to wear easily than those with metal or resin.
  • All Resin. It is the least expensive crown in the list. The downside is it wears over time and is more susceptible to breaking than metal other crown materials.
  • All Porcelain or All Ceramic. The cosmetic appearance of an all-ceramic or all-porcelain crown closely resembles the color of the teeth. The materials are also great choices for people that have metal allergies. As their color closely resembles the color of the teeth, they are a great crowns for front teeth. However, the crowns do not usually last as long as metal crowns.