Dental Implants in Adelaide – Safe & Affordable Options

Welcome to Easy Dental, your source of professional and honest dental service and advice in Adelaide. It’s normal for people considering dental implant surgery to have a lot of questions. Our team of experts has put together a detailed overview of all of your options and costs surrounding dental implants so you can make an informed decision.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a relatively simple solution for a more complex dental problem. A dental implant procedure involves fixing a metal screw into the jawbone in order to securely place a new tooth, or crown on top.


dental implant diagram

The process requires dental surgery and this needs to be conducted by an experienced professional. It’s essential that you fully understand the implant procedure, recovery times and associated costs before proceeding. For all of these reasons you need to choose a trusted and experienced dentist.

Many people who are considering implants are missing teeth or they’re not happy with their smile for various reasons. Dental implants by Easy Dental professional dentists are will give brand new teeth and a smile you’ve always wanted, all within the comfort of fully equipped dental clinics with friendly and open team.


Why Should You Get a Dental Implant?

There are many benefits to choosing dental implants ahead of some of the alternatives that you’re probably considering. Here are the top reasons:

  • Dental Implants are long lasting solutions that outlive dentures or a bridge
  • They actually prevent bone loss that can occur through missing teeth
  • They look completely natural and will be indistinguishable from other teeth
  • You can eat any food you like with dental implants
  • They is no wear or effects to neighbouring teeth
  • You will feel confident in your smile and confident as a person


Are You Suitable for Dental Implant Surgery?

A dental implant requires surgery and this means you need to meet certain criteria to be fit for the procedure. Your dentist will consult you on these factors but these are the most important considerations:

  1. Bone density in your jaw: You have no control over this, however this is a critical in order to ensure a stable base for the anchor of the implant, the screw.
  2. No gum disease: To ensure the best chance of success.
  3. Non smoker: Again your dentist will consult you on this very important element.


Varieties of Dental Implants

Today most tooth implants are built using titanium due to its lightweight, non-corrosive properties and non-magnetic properties. Titanium is a great choice as it ultimately won’t be rejected by the body, allowing the process of osseointegration to occur, where bone grows around the implant, firmly securing the implant into the jaw.

The implant you receive will depend on your situation. There are two main types of dental implants used:

  • Endosteal: Endosteal dental implants will be placed directly in the jawbone. Made from titanium, the screw shaped implants are the most common type used and you will likely have seen numerous images of these and had them described to you.
  • Subperiosteal: Subperiosteal dental implants are not placed in the jawbone, but rather above it. Patients that don’t have enough natural or healthy jawbone may require this option. For those that aren’t suitable for bone grafts or do not wish to undergo the procedure, subperiosteal implants are a good option.

Are Mini Implants Right for You?

Mini implants are, as the name suggests, smaller versions of the larger dental implants. The difference between a mini implant and a regular one is the size of the screw implanted into the jaw. The crown itself will be the same and there will be no noticeable difference to the naked eye.

  • The size of a mini implant is a usually half the size of a conventional implants, upto a maximum of 3mm in diameter vs upto 6mm
  • Mini implants are not suited to all teeth, they can be used for smaller teeth but not for molars
  • Mini implants are a good option where required, however they’re not as strong as conventional implants and are not likely to last as long
  • Mini implants can cost significantly less than a full sized implant, delivering cost savings up to 50%, making them an attractive prospect for those looking to cut costs


What Do Dental Implants Cost in Adelaide?


The cost of a dental implant in Adelaide for a single tooth will vary according the complexity of the procedure.


Implant Type Cost
Single Tooth Implant (no complications) $4500 – $5000
Single Tooth Implant (complicated) $5000 – $6000
“All-on-4” Dental Implant Procedure $20000 – $30000


Problems related to bone density and the need for dental grafts will add additional costs to the procedures. These costs cannot be calculated without a consultation with the team.

Common Problems from Dental Implants


With Easy Dental, dental implant patients can expect a very high success rate and in general the procedure typically encounters few issues. Sometimes issues can occur if the implant doesn’t mesh with the bone and this can be overcome by using a larger where needed.

Other potential issues that we will advise you on how to overcome and handle may include infection around the implant, numbness of the lips, gums or chin.