Definition of Dental Emergency

To put it simply, a dental emergency is when someone is experiencing a dental problem that needs urgent treatment.

A knocked out or broken tooth may not seem a dental emergency at first, but the situation can lead to complications. When complications arise, a patient needs to get more expensive treatments. Getting urgent care for broken or knocked out tooth is more practical. Also, a patient who wants his tooth replanted when it was knocked out need to arrive at an emergency dental clinic 15 minutes to one hour after the incident for the maximum likelihood of the tooth surviving trauma and for replantation to be a success.

A patient shows or feels symptoms when afflicted with a severe dental injury. The symptoms include jaw soreness or severe toothache, face inflammation, pain when chewing, isolated bleeding of areas in the mouth, pus due to infection in the gum area, changes in the color of tooth, and troubled breathing.

Call Easy Dental

A bleeding or severe pain in the mouth, or a tooth that has been chipped/broken is enough reason to call Easy Dental. Bleeding or severe pain in the mouth can mean that there is an infection or injury. Or, it can result from a broken tooth or abscess. A dentist can give you the right medication such as painkillers or dental treatments.

What to Do When You Fracture Your Tooth?

When you fracture your tooth, whether from playing sports or from doing other physical activities, there are steps you need to take.

Mouth Bleeding

A mouth bleeding that persists even after applying cold pressure or compress should be a reason to see a dentist immediately. Continual bleeding is usually an indication of a deeper abrasion. If not treated, mouth bleeding can lead to pain and complications.

Tooth Fractures

If a tooth fracture causes you pain, go to a dentist. The injury may have gone deep and have reached the underlying pulp or dentin. Non-functioning pulp tissue easily decays which causes infection or serious abscesses.

Knocked Tooth

Do not push or poke your tooth becomes loose. Doing so may cause to other damaged teeth surrounding it.

Knocked Out Tooth (Dental Avulsion)

A tooth that has been knocked out completely has the highest likelihood of surviving trauma and being replanted if you go to a dentist 15 minutes to one hour after it has been knocked out. But, even if an hour has passed, you must still go to the dentist to get proper treatment.